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1 A New Species of the Genus Scincella Mittleman, 1950 (Squamata: Scincidae) from Sichuan Province, Southwest China, with a Diagnostic Key of Scincella Species in China
2023年1期 [24-40][摘要](30)[pdf 4709KB](18)
2 Endocast Morphological Variation and Its Driving Forces in Scutiger boulengeri
2022年4期 [269-283][摘要](577)[pdf 2769KB](279)
3 The Effects of Prey Items Diversity and Digestible Materials in Stomach on Digestive Tract Length in Hylarana guentheri
2020年2期 [155-160][摘要](3003)[pdf 1763KB](1423)
2013年3期 [190-196][摘要](4398)[pdf 1771KB](2770)