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1 Taxonomic Revision of Raorchestes menglaensis (Kou, 1990) (Amphibia: Anura), with Descriptions of Two New Species from Yunnan, China
Ke JIANG1,2, Jinlong REN1,2,5, Jian WANG3, Junfeng GUO1,2, Zeng WANG1,2,5, Yonghong LIU4, Dechun JIANG1* and Jiatang LI1,2,6* 2020年4期 [1-19][摘要](285)[pdf 4559KB](63)
2 Effects of Dietary Protein Variations at Different Life-stages on Vocal Dominance of the African Clawed Frogs
2020年3期 [249-256][摘要](334)[pdf 688KB](62)
3 Mating Ethogram of a Video-aided Study of Mating and Parturition in Captive Chinese Crocodile Lizards (Shinisaurus crocodilurus)
2019年4期 [253-260][摘要](1352)[pdf 1268KB](493)
4 Ecological and Geographical Reasons for the Variation of Digestive Tract Length in Anurans
2019年4期 [246-252][摘要](1247)[pdf 1453KB](485)