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Population Dynamics Following the Last Glacial Maximum in Two Sympatric Lizards in Northern China
Yanfu QU, Qun ZHAO, Hongliang LU, Xiang JI
2014 Vol. 5(4): 213C227 [ Abstract ] (156) [PDF] (403) [Supplementary Data] (175)

A New Species of the Genus Thermophis (Serpentes: Colubridae) from Shangri-La, Northern Yunnan, China, with a Proposal for an Eclectic Rule for Species Delimitation
Lifang PENG, Changhu LU , Song HUANG, Peng GUO, Yaping ZHANG
2014 Vol. 5(4): 228C239 [ Abstract ] (136) [PDF] (438)

Group-spawning and Simultanous Polyandry of a Stream-dwelling Frog Feirana kangxianensis
Jie WANG, Feng XIE, Gang WANG, Jianping JIANG
2014 Vol. 5(4): 240C244 [ Abstract ] (387) [PDF] (232)

Can an Invasive Prey Species Induce Morphological and Behavioral Changes in an Endemic Predator? Evidence from a South Korean Snake (Oocatochus rufodorsatus)
Jun-Haeng HEO, Heon-Joo LEE, Il-Hun KIM, Jonathan J. FONG, Ja-Kyeong KIM, Sumin JEONG, Daesik PARK
2014 Vol. 5(4): 245C254 [ Abstract ] (133) [PDF] (253)

Food Habits and Distribution of the Lake Taal Sea Snake (Hydrophis semperi Garman 1881) and the Sympatric Little File Snake (Acrochordus granulatus Schneider 1799) in Lake Taal, Philippines
Vhon Oliver S. GARCIA, Rey Donne S. PAPA, Jonathan Carlo A. BRIONES, Norman MENDOZA, Noboru OKUDA, Arvin C. DIESMOS
2014 Vol. 5(4): 255C262 [ Abstract ] (139) [PDF] (591)

Body Size and Reproductive Tactics in Varanid lizards
Yu DU, Longhui LIN, Yuntao YAO, Chixian LIN, Xiang JI
2014 Vol. 5(4): 263C270 [ Abstract ] (141) [PDF] (259)

Sexual Dimorphism in Mass of the Hindlimb Muscles of the Piebald Odorous Frog (Odorrana schmackeri)
Lixia ZHANG, Yunyun ZHAO, Ling SHI, Xiaohong CHEN, Youqiang LU, Liang QIAO
2014 Vol. 5(4): 271C275 [ Abstract ] (113) [PDF] (218)

Unhatched and Hatched Eggshells of the Chinese Cobra Naja atra
Zheng WANG, Longhui LIN, Xiang JI
2014 Vol. 5(4): 276C280 [ Abstract ] (135) [PDF] (810) [Supplementary Data] (155)

Development and Characterization of Fifteen Polymorphic Microsatellites for Extremely Endangered Salamander, Echinotriton chinhaiensis
Weizhao YANG, Jie WANG, Jianping JIANG, Cheng LI, Feng XIE
2014 Vol. 5(4): 281C283 [ Abstract ] (132) [PDF] (215)

Mortality of a Wild King Cobra, Ophiophagus hannah Cantor, 1836 (Serpentes: Elapidae) from Northeast Thailand after Ingesting a Plastic Bag
Colin Thomas STRINE1, Inês SILVA2, Matthew CRANE1, Bartosz NADOLSKI1, Taksin ARTCHAWAKOM, Matt GOODE, Pongthep SUWANWAREE
2014 Vol. 5(4): 284C286 [ Abstract ] (144) [PDF] (404)

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