Tianyu QIAN,Jianjun XIANG,Jianping JIANG,et al.A New Species of the Amolops mantzorum Group (Anura: Ranidae: Amolops) from Northwestern Hunan Province, China[J].Asian Herpetological Research(AHR),2023,14(1):54-64.[doi:10.16373/j.cnki.ahr.220063]
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A New Species of the Amolops mantzorum Group (Anura: Ranidae: Amolops) from Northwestern Hunan Province, China
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Asian Herpetological Research[ISSN:2095-0357/CN:51-1735/Q]

2023 VoI.14 No.1
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A New Species of the Amolops mantzorum Group (Anura: Ranidae: Amolops) from Northwestern Hunan Province, China
Tianyu QIAN1# Jianjun XIANG2# Jianping JIANG3 Daode YANG1* and Jian GUI1
1 Institute of Wildlife Conservation, Central South University of Forestry and Technology, Changsha 410004, Hunan, China
2 Administration Bureau of Hunan Badagongshan National Nature Reserve, Sangzhi 427100, Hunan, China
3 Chengdu Institute of Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chengdu 610041, Sichuan, China
Amolops sangzhiensis sp. nov. morphology phylogeny taxonomy torrent frogs
We described a new species of the Amolops mantzorum group (Anura: Ranidae) from northwestern Hunan Province, China based on morphological and molecular evidence. The new species differs from its congeners by a combination of the following characteristics: moderate body size of SVL 40.3–40.9 mm in adult males (N=3), and 52.6–57.7 mm in adult females (N=3); head length about equal to or larger than head width (HDL/HDW 1.01–1.03); skin on dorsum smooth; dorsolateral folds absent, but developed a series of elongated glands forming an incomplete line; dense small spiny tubercles on lower flanks, and sparse flat tubercles on upper flanks; skin on belly slightly granular, posterior half of ventral surface of thigh glandular; tympanum indistinct, small, covered by glandular skin; presence of dense spiny tubercles around the mouth corner; vomerine teeth present, attached on two oblique ridges; presence of supernumerary tubercles below the bases of fingers II, III and IV; several protruding tubercles around the cloacal region, with a pair of larger tubercles on sides of the anus; webs on each side of toe IV reaches the region between third subarticular tubercle and digit; and absence of vocal sacs and linea masculine in males.


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