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1 A New Species of the Amolops mantzorum Group (Anura: Ranidae: Amolops) from Northwestern Hunan Province, China
2023年1期 [54-64][摘要](218)[pdf 4512KB](44)
2 Behavioral and Neurogenomic Responses to Acoustic and Visual Sexual Cues are Correlated in Female Torrent Frogs
2021年1期 [88-99][摘要](3183)[pdf 2592KB](904)
3 Description of a New Species of Amolops (Anura: Ranidae) from Tibet, China
2019年4期 [219-229][摘要](4768)[pdf 3108KB](1659)
4 Morphological Correlates of the Phonatory Organ in an Ultrasonically Phonating Frog
2012年3期 [240-251][摘要](3943)[pdf 2967KB](2620)