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1 Morphological Characteristics of the Dorsal Skin of Two Hynobiids and Their Adaptive Role in Aquatic and Terrestrial Habitats
2013年1期 [62-67][摘要](2869)[pdf 2240KB](1867)
2 Characterization of Skin Symbiotic Bacteria of Sympatric Amphibians in Southeastern China
2020年4期 [381-393][摘要](1129)[pdf 3359KB](184)
3 Comparative Skin Histology of Frogs Reveals High-elevation Adaptation of the Tibetan Nanorana parkeri
2019年2期 [79-85][摘要](2275)[pdf 2859KB](950)
2014年3期 [204-208][摘要](2541)[pdf 1387KB](1650)
5 Immunocytochemical Localization of Glucagon and Insulin Cells in Eutropis carinata with Respect to Reproductive Cycle
2011年2期 [103-109][摘要](2485)[pdf 3276KB](1855)