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    关键词中包括 mitochondrial DNA 的文章

1 Molecular Cloning and Putative Functions of KIFC1 for Acrosome Formation and Nuclear Reshaping during Spermiogenesis in Schlegel’s Japanese Gecko Gekko japonicus
2019年3期 [158-169][摘要](433)[pdf 3345KB](192)
2 Molecular Phylogeny and Evolution of Two Rhacophorus Species Endemic to Mainland Japan
2019年2期 [86-104][摘要](890)[pdf 3174KB](360)
3 Phylogenetic, Demographic and Dating Analyses of Bufo gargarizans Populations from the Zhoushan Archipelago and Mainland China
2017年3期 [165-173][摘要](1981)[pdf 5205KB](1703)
2014年4期 [213-227][摘要](1491)[pdf 3891KB](1466)
2014年3期 [150-160][摘要](1793)[pdf 1316KB](1411)
2014年2期 [80-90][摘要](1504)[pdf 4569KB](1402)
7 A New Species of the Genus Elaphe (Squamata: Colubridae) from Zoige County, Sichuan, China
2012年1期 [38-45][摘要](1434)[pdf 4777KB](1654)
8 Taxonomic Status of the Spot-legged Treefrog in Southern Yunnan, Inferred from Mitochondrial DNA Sequences
2010年2期 [86-89][摘要](1650)[pdf 199KB](1281)
9 Toward a Phylogeny of the Kukri Snakes, Genus Oligodon
2010年1期 [1-21][摘要](1408)[pdf 4553KB](1132)