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    关键词中包括 microhabitat 的文章

1 The Relationship between Shell Morphology and Crevice Size Affecting Retreat Selection of the Keeled Box Turtle (Cuora mouhotii)
2020年4期 [342-349][摘要](1123)[pdf 3051KB](191)
2 Microhabitat Segregation of Parapatric Frogs in the Qinling Mountains
2019年1期 [48-55][摘要](4432)[pdf 4055KB](1054)
3 Burrow Characteristics and Microhabitat Use of the Turpan Wonder Gecko Teratoscincus roborowskii (Squamata, Gekkonidae)
2017年1期 [61-69][摘要](4586)[pdf 1005KB](1886)
2015年1期 [18-33][摘要](3245)[pdf 1409KB](3137)