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    关键词中包括 male-male competition 的文章

1 Flexibility as a Strategy for Avoiding Call Overlap in Male Anhui Treefrogs
2020年3期 [230-239][摘要](3251)[pdf 1444KB](1232)
2 Coevolution of Male and Female Response Preferences to Sexual Signals in Music Frogs
2016年2期 [87-95][摘要](5185)[pdf 946KB](2890)
3 Genetic Diversity and Population Structure for the Conservation of Giant Spiny Frog (Quasipaa spinosa) Using Microsatellite Loci and Mitochondrial DNA
2016年2期 [75-86][摘要](5091)[pdf 785KB](3026)
4 Male Music Frogs Compete Vocally on the Basis of Temporal Sequence Rather Than Spatial Cues of Rival Calls
2015年4期 [305-316][摘要](4029)[pdf 2951KB](2611)