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1 Sexual Dimorphism in the Hindlimb Muscles of the Asiatic Toad (Bufo gargarizans) in Relation to Male Reproductive Success
2013年1期 [56-61][摘要](4211)[pdf 325KB](2574)
2 Evolution of Phenotype and Mitochondrial Genome Reveals Limbless and Body-elongated Squamates may Change Their Energy Basis for Locomotion
2021年2期 [213-220][摘要](2019)[pdf 1134KB](771)
3 Strong Limb Tactics of the Boulenger’s Lazy Toad, Scutiger boulengeri: Inferred from Limb Muscles
2020年4期 [360-364][摘要](3011)[pdf 618KB](813)
4 Perch Associated Expression of Phenotypic Plasticity in Limb Development and Sprint Speed in Agamid Lizard Calotes versicolor: A Laboratory Study
2018年3期 [175-181][摘要](4360)[pdf 2542KB](1994)
2014年4期 [271-275][摘要](3899)[pdf 206KB](2277)
6 Ultrastructural Study of Limb Bud Development in Green Turtles Chelonia mydas
2012年1期 [69-78][摘要](4158)[pdf 8067KB](3012)