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1 Diet of Juvenile Crocodylus porosus at Kuching Wetlands National Park, Sarawak, East Malaysia
2021年3期 [323-330][摘要](1855)[pdf 235KB](670)
2 Plasticity in Metamorphic Traits of Rice Field Frog (Rana limnocharis) Tadpoles: The Interactive Effects of Rearing Temperature and Food Level
2016年4期 [265-270][摘要](4021)[pdf 443KB](2365)
2013年4期 [242-247][摘要](4129)[pdf 1685KB](2503)
2013年3期 [190-196][摘要](4592)[pdf 1771KB](2838)
5 Enriched Diets and the Growth, Development and Survival of Litoria moorei (Anura) Tadpoles Reared in Captivity at Low Density
2010年2期 [103-110][摘要](4222)[pdf 281KB](2564)
6 Many-lined Sun Skinks (Mabuya multifasciata) Shift Their Thermal Preferences Downwards When Fasted
2010年1期 [36-39][摘要](4030)[pdf 192KB](2521)