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    关键词中包括 egg incubation 的文章

1 Embryonic Growth and Yolk Depletion during Incubation in the Chinese Skink, Plestiodon chinensis
2019年1期 [56-61][摘要](3297)[pdf 306KB](1533)
2 Maternal Thermal Effects on Female Reproduction and Hatchling Phenotype in the Chinese Skink (Plestiodon chinensis)
2018年4期 [250-257][摘要](2681)[pdf 643KB](1541)
3 Effects of Constant versus Fluctuating Incubation Temperatures on Hatching Success, Incubation Length, and Hatchling Morphology in the Chinese Skink (Plestiodon chinensis)
2017年4期 [262-268][摘要](4532)[pdf 683KB](2025)
2014年4期 [276-280][摘要](3126)[pdf 1307KB](2373)
2013年4期 [254-262][摘要](3510)[pdf 1599KB](2019)
2013年4期 [225-232][摘要](3671)[pdf 1717KB](1983)
7 Effects of Thermal and Hydric Conditions on Egg Incubation and Hatchling Phenotypes in Two Phrynocephalus Lizards
2012年3期 [184-191][摘要](3691)[pdf 1271KB](2234)