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1 Effects of Different Rearing Strategies and Ages on Levels of Natural Antibodies in Saliva of the Philippine Crocodile
2013年1期 [22-27][摘要](3974)[pdf 1182KB](2302)
2 Morphology and Histochemistry of Infralabial Glands of Two Species in the Slug-Eating Family Pareidae (Reptilia: Serpentes)
2022年3期 [180-189][摘要](1099)[pdf 5377KB](514)
3 Trophic Ecology of Ansonia latidisca at Gunung Penrissen, Sarawak, North-Western Borneo
2021年2期 [250-260][摘要](2204)[pdf 5398KB](749)
4 Predatory Cues Influence the Behavioral Responses and Metamorphic Traits of Polypedates maculatus (Anura: Rhacophoridae)
2018年3期 [188-194][摘要](4418)[pdf 504KB](2000)
5 Structure and Function of the Gastrointestinal Tract of the Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas) Hatchling
2015年4期 [317-330][摘要](4827)[pdf 1302KB](6119)
2015年1期 [34-44][摘要](4680)[pdf 480KB](2756)
2014年4期 [255-262][摘要](4076)[pdf 840KB](3122)
8 Population Variation and Food Habits of Ranid Frogs in the Rice-Based Cropping System in Gujranwala Region, Pakistan
2010年2期 [122-130][摘要](4191)[pdf 1373KB](2640)