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1 Field Surveys Suggest Biennial Reproduction Cycle and Competition-triggered Dispersal of the Endangered Chinese Crocodile Lizard
2022年3期 [190-197][摘要](915)[pdf 1488KB](429)
2 Mitogenomic Conservation Genetics of the Critically Endangered Liaoning Clawed Salamander
2021年4期 [337-344][摘要](1636)[pdf 2062KB](543)
2014年4期 [213-227][摘要](3974)[pdf 3891KB](2688)
4 Phylogeography of the Phrynocephalus vlangalii Species Complex in the Upper Reaches of the Yellow River Inferred from mtDNA ND4-tRNALEU Segments
2012年1期 [52-68][摘要](4377)[pdf 5424KB](2510)