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1 Disordered Translocation is Hastening Local Extinction of the Chinese Giant Salamander
2021年3期 [271-279][摘要](1065)[pdf 1124KB](277)
2 Species Diversity, Distribution, and Microhabitats of Anurans on Mt. Kalo-Kalo of the Mt. Kalatungan Range Natural Park, Bukidnon, Philippines
2021年1期 [58-75][摘要](2805)[pdf 6335KB](734)
3 Changes on Anuran Tadpole Functional Diversity along an Environmental Gradient at the Southernmost Atlantic Rainforest Remnant
2020年1期 [63-70][摘要](2768)[pdf 394KB](994)
4 A Revised Checklist of Amphibians and Reptiles in Camiguin Sur, Misamis Oriental, Mindaanao, Philippines
2020年1期 [28-43][摘要](3040)[pdf 4905KB](1689)
5 Amphibian Species Contribute Similarly to Taxonomic, but not Functional and Phylogenetic Diversity: Inferences from Amphibian Biodiversity on Emei Mountain
2018年2期 [110-118][摘要](3864)[pdf 940KB](1826)
6 A Field Observation and Significant Range Extension of Manouria impressa in Myanmar
2016年4期 [295-297][摘要](4784)[pdf 1948KB](2437)
2014年4期 [281-293][摘要](3053)[pdf 418KB](2300)
2014年4期 [240-244][摘要](3262)[pdf 1936KB](2333)
9 Endemic Amphibians and Their Distribution in China
2012年2期 [163-171][摘要](3574)[pdf 1970KB](2860)
10 Spatial Ecology of Translocated and Resident Amur Ratsnakes (Elaphe schrenckii) in Two Mountain Valleys of South Korea
2011年4期 [223-229][摘要](3557)[pdf 826KB](2148)
11 Captive Breeding of the Four-eyed Turtle (Sacalia quadriocellata)
2010年2期 [111-117][摘要](3696)[pdf 214KB](3009)
12 Population Viability Analysis of Gloydius shedaoensis from Northeastern China: A Contribution to the Assessment of the Conservation and Management Status of an Endangered Species
2010年1期 [48-56][摘要](3315)[pdf 2185KB](2440)