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1 Genetic Structure of the Red-spotted Tokay Gecko, Gekko gecko (Linnaeus, 1758) (Squamata: Gekkonidae) from Mainland Southeast Asia
2019年2期 [69-78][摘要](4245)[pdf 3315KB](1886)
2 Is Habitat Preference Associated with Locomotor Performance in Multiocellated Racerunners (Eremias multiocellata) from a Desert Steppe?
2015年2期 [143-149][摘要](3997)[pdf 284KB](2679)
2014年3期 [179-196][摘要](4225)[pdf 3031KB](2970)
4 Impact of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway on Population Genetic Structure of the Toad-Headed Lizard, Phrynocephalus vlangalii
2012年4期 [280-287][摘要](3932)[pdf 2360KB](2582)