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1 Field Surveys Suggest Biennial Reproduction Cycle and Competition-triggered Dispersal of the Endangered Chinese Crocodile Lizard
2022年3期 [190-197][摘要](931)[pdf 1488KB](436)
2 Age Structure of Two Species of Odorous Frogs (Odorrana margaretae and Odorrana grahami)
2021年3期 [308-314][摘要](1695)[pdf 929KB](568)
3 Age and Body Size of the Shangcheng Stout Salamander Pachyhynobius shangchengensis (Caudata: Hynobiidae) from Southeastern China
2020年3期 [219-224][摘要](3088)[pdf 1105KB](1039)
2013年4期 [233-241][摘要](3875)[pdf 2380KB](2919)
5 Skeletochronological Study of Age, Longevity and Growth in a Population of Rana nigromaculata (Amphibia: Anura) in Sichuan, China
2012年3期 [258-264][摘要](4378)[pdf 1439KB](2495)
6 Skeletochronological Study on Age Structure of a Chinese Endemic Frog (Rana omeimontis)
2012年3期 [252-257][摘要](4018)[pdf 1549KB](3066)
7 Age Structure of Females in a Breeding Population of Echinotriton chinhaiensis (Caudata: Salamandridae) and Its Conservation Implication
2011年2期 [91-96][摘要](3879)[pdf 3245KB](2499)