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1 Russian Collaborative Development of Reproduction Technologies for the Sustainable Management of Amphibian Biodiversity
2023年1期 [103-115][摘要](410)[pdf 755KB](164)
2 Metagenomic Analysis of Mangshan Pit Viper (Protobothrops mangshanensis) Gut Microbiota Reveals Differences among Wild and Captive Individuals Linked to Hibernating Behaviors
2022年4期 [251-268][摘要](794)[pdf 9956KB](415)
3 Field Surveys Suggest Biennial Reproduction Cycle and Competition-triggered Dispersal of the Endangered Chinese Crocodile Lizard
2022年3期 [190-197][摘要](1169)[pdf 1488KB](522)
4 Partial Masquerading and Background Matching in Two Asian Box Turtle Species (Cuora spp.)
2022年3期 [168-179][摘要](1037)[pdf 5020KB](511)
5 Spatial Patterns and Drivers of Chinese Lizard Richness among Multiple Scales
2022年2期 [117-124][摘要](1113)[pdf 1089KB](525)
6 Age Structure of Two Species of Odorous Frogs (Odorrana margaretae and Odorrana grahami)
2021年3期 [308-314][摘要](1829)[pdf 929KB](646)
7 A New Species of the Genus Achalinus from Huangshan, Anhui, China (Squamata: Xenodermidae)
2021年2期 [178-187][摘要](2305)[pdf 5706KB](921)
8 Age and Body Size of the Shangcheng Stout Salamander Pachyhynobius shangchengensis (Caudata: Hynobiidae) from Southeastern China
2020年3期 [219-224][摘要](3328)[pdf 1105KB](1109)
9 Embryonic Growth and Yolk Depletion during Incubation in the Chinese Skink, Plestiodon chinensis
2019年1期 [56-61][摘要](4237)[pdf 306KB](1911)
10 A Review for Life-history Traits Variation in Frogs Especially for Anurans in China
2018年3期 [165-174][摘要](4770)[pdf 336KB](2014)
11 A Rapid, Non-invasive Method for Anatomical Observations of Tadpole Vertebrae in Vivo
2018年2期 [99-109][摘要](4435)[pdf 4454KB](2245)
12 A Complete Embryonic Developmental Table of Microhyla fissipes (Amphibia, Anura, Microhylidae)
2017年2期 [108-117][摘要](6560)[pdf 771KB](3626)
13 Genotoxicity of Three Avermectins on Polypedates megacephalus Tadpoles Using the Comet Assay
2016年4期 [251-257][摘要](5490)[pdf 1082KB](2828)
14 No Evidence for Significant Effect of Body Size and Age on Male Mating Success in the Spot-legged Treefrog
2016年1期 [41-45][摘要](5263)[pdf 225KB](2575)
2015年1期 [45-50][摘要](3869)[pdf 290KB](2296)
2014年4期 [284-286][摘要](3662)[pdf 1911KB](2927)
2014年2期 [119-127][摘要](4019)[pdf 945KB](2296)
2013年4期 [254-262][摘要](4272)[pdf 1599KB](2395)
2013年4期 [233-241][摘要](4029)[pdf 2380KB](3033)
2013年2期 [134-139][摘要](3994)[pdf 1553KB](2817)
21 Skeletochronological Study of Age, Longevity and Growth in a Population of Rana nigromaculata (Amphibia: Anura) in Sichuan, China
2012年3期 [258-264][摘要](4570)[pdf 1439KB](2560)
22 Skeletochronological Study on Age Structure of a Chinese Endemic Frog (Rana omeimontis)
2012年3期 [252-257][摘要](4195)[pdf 1549KB](3158)
23 Phylogeography of the Phrynocephalus vlangalii Species Complex in the Upper Reaches of the Yellow River Inferred from mtDNA ND4-tRNALEU Segments
2012年1期 [52-68][摘要](4584)[pdf 5424KB](2582)
24 Diet Composition of the Salamander Lyciasalamandra luschani basoglui on the Greek Island of Kastellorizo in the Southeast Aegean Sea
2011年3期 [155-160][摘要](4185)[pdf 1797KB](2756)
25 Age Structure of Females in a Breeding Population of Echinotriton chinhaiensis (Caudata: Salamandridae) and Its Conservation Implication
2011年2期 [91-96][摘要](4070)[pdf 3245KB](2572)
26 Genotoxicity of the Pesticide Dichlorvos and Herbicide Butachlor on Rana zhenhaiensis Tadpoles
2010年2期 [118-122][摘要](4146)[pdf 460KB](2879)