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1 Two New Species of Fire-Bellied Newts (Caudata, Salamandridae, Cynops) from Southeastern China
2023年1期 [41-53][摘要](65)[pdf 4851KB](35)
2 A New Species of Cyrtodactylus (Squamata: Gekkonidae) from the Karst Forests of Daweishan National Nature Reserve, Yunnan, China
2021年3期 [261-270][摘要](2102)[pdf 1798KB](693)
3 A New Species of Japalura (Squamata, Agamidae) from the Nu River Valley in Southern Hengduan Mountains, Yunnan, China
2017年2期 [86-95][摘要](6798)[pdf 4901KB](3916)
2015年1期 [1-10][摘要](5205)[pdf 786KB](3621)