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1 Mitogenomic Conservation Genetics of the Critically Endangered Liaoning Clawed Salamander
2021年4期 [337-344][摘要](1829)[pdf 2062KB](625)
2 Distribution Changes of Chinese Skink (Eumeces chinensis) in China: the Impacts of Global Climate Change
2020年2期 [132-138][摘要](3298)[pdf 2645KB](1234)
3 Evaluating the Importance of Environmental Variables on Spatial Distribution of Caspian cobra Naja oxiana (Eichwald, 1831) in Iran
2019年2期 [129-138][摘要](4389)[pdf 3743KB](2200)
4 Ecological Niche Divergence between Trapelus ruderatus (Olivier, 1807) and T. persicus (Blanford, 1881) (Sauria: Agamidae) in the Middle East
2016年2期 [96-102][摘要](6139)[pdf 1517KB](3210)
5 Potential Distribution Modeling and Morphology of Pelias barani (Böhme and Joger, 1983) in Turkey
2015年3期 [206-212][摘要](4529)[pdf 2440KB](2940)
2014年3期 [161-167][摘要](4310)[pdf 558KB](2436)
2013年3期 [207-213][摘要](4999)[pdf 2024KB](3052)