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1 No Evidence for the Compensation Hypothesis in the Swelled Vent Frog (Feirana quadranus)
2020年3期 [225-229][摘要](2294)[pdf 205KB](608)
2 Altitudinal Variation in Digestive Tract Lengh in Feirana quadranus
2019年3期 [183-189][摘要](2871)[pdf 694KB](1083)
3 Microhabitat Segregation of Parapatric Frogs in the Qinling Mountains
2019年1期 [48-55][摘要](5362)[pdf 4055KB](1389)
2015年4期 [339-346][摘要](3856)[pdf 2162KB](2402)
2015年4期 [331-338][摘要](3644)[pdf 1380KB](2466)
2014年3期 [168-178][摘要](3736)[pdf 2059KB](2128)
2014年3期 [161-167][摘要](3526)[pdf 558KB](2031)
8 A New Record of Acanthodactylus cantoris (Sauria: Lacertidae) and Its Comparison with Closely Related A. blanfordi in Southeastern Iran
2012年1期 [79-82][摘要](3232)[pdf 2211KB](2444)
9 A New Subspecies of Darevskia raddei (Boettger, 1892) (Sauria: Lacertidae) from the West Azerbaijan Province, Iran
2011年4期 [216-222][摘要](3255)[pdf 4547KB](2170)
10 A New Species of the Genus Feirana (Amphibia: Anura: Dicroglossidae) from the Western Qinling Mountains of China
2011年2期 [72-86][摘要](3511)[pdf 9051KB](2473)
11 Observations on the Spermatogenic Cycle of the Grass Snake, Natrix natrix (Serpentes: Colubridae) in Northern Iran
2011年1期 [55-59][摘要](3167)[pdf 2871KB](2284)
12 First Records of Tropiocolotes steudneri Peters, 1869 and Hemidactylus flaviviridis Rüppell, 1840 (Sauria: Gekkonidae) from Fars Province, Iran
2010年1期 [61-63][摘要](3334)[pdf 1852KB](2292)