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1 Spring Voices in Korean Rice Fields: the Effect of Abiotic Variables and Syntopic Calls on the Calling Activity of the Treefrog Dryophytes suweonensis
2020年4期 [335-341][摘要](2859)[pdf 315KB](801)
2 First Record of Male Combat in a Wild Malayan Pit Viper (Calloselasma rhodostoma)
2015年3期 [237-239][摘要](3679)[pdf 1769KB](2738)
3 Reevaluation of the Taxonomic Status of a Poorly Known Gecko, Gekko liboensis (Reptilia: Squamata)
2015年3期 [229-236][摘要](4319)[pdf 2257KB](2888)
2014年3期 [209-212][摘要](3497)[pdf 2524KB](2674)
2014年3期 [179-196][摘要](4210)[pdf 3031KB](2964)
6 Toward a Phylogeny of the Kukri Snakes, Genus Oligodon
2010年1期 [1-21][摘要](4288)[pdf 4553KB](2653)