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1 A New Species of Odorous Frog Genus Odorrana (Anura, Ranidae) from Southern Guizhou Province, China
2021年4期 [381-398][摘要](1121)[pdf 13069KB](277)
2 Nonlinear Phenomena Conveying Body Size Information and Improving Attractiveness of the Courtship Calls in the Males of Odorrana tormota
2021年1期 [117-123][摘要](2136)[pdf 1044KB](659)
3 Reuation of the Holotype of Odorrana schmackeri Boettger, 1892 (Amphibia: Anura: Ranidae) and Characterization of One Cryptic Species in O. schmackeri sensu lato through Integrative Approaches
2020年4期 [297-311][摘要](8528)[pdf 6975KB](761)
4 Ring Clinal Variation in Morphology of the Green Odorous Frog (Odorrana margaretae)
2020年2期 [108-114][摘要](2369)[pdf 3632KB](875)
5 Molecular Cloning, Characterization and Sequence Analysis of KCNQ4 in Large Odorous Frog, Odorrana graminea
2019年4期 [211-218][摘要](2812)[pdf 899KB](1085)
6 Isolation and Characterization of 17 Microsatellite DNA Loci for Odorrana margaretae (Anura: Ranidae)
2015年2期 [156-158][摘要](3463)[pdf 230KB](2348)
2015年1期 [11-17][摘要](3921)[pdf 3467KB](2479)
2014年4期 [271-275][摘要](3354)[pdf 206KB](1988)
2014年1期 [54-59][摘要](2789)[pdf 1441KB](1700)
2013年4期 [288-297][摘要](3458)[pdf 2216KB](2201)