Saw HTUN and Steven G. PLATT.A Field Observation and Significant Range Extension of Manouria impressa in Myanmar[J].Asian Herpetological Research(AHR),2016,7(4):295-297.[doi:10.16373/j.cnki.ahr.160003]
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A Field Observation and Significant Range Extension of Manouria impressa in Myanmar
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Asian Herpetological Research[ISSN:2095-0357/CN:51-1735/Q]

2016 VoI.7 No.4
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A Field Observation and Significant Range Extension of Manouria impressa in Myanmar
Saw HTUN and Steven G. PLATT*
Wildlife Conservation Society, Myanmar Program, Office Block C-1, Aye Yeik Mon 1st Street, Hlaing Township, Yangon, Myanmar
conservation Hukaung Valley Wildlife Sanctuary impressed tortoise Myanmar
Few records of the impressed tortoise (Manouria impressa) are available from Myanmar and most are based on historic accounts, old museum specimens, and shells obtained from villagers and wildlife traffickers. We herein report the observation of a living M. impressa in the Hukaung Valley Wildlife Sanctuary of northern Myanmar. Our observation extends the known distribution of M. impressa in Myanmar approximately 850 km northwards from previously reported populations in the Rakhine Hills of Magway Region.


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