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Announcement on Academic Misconduct for AHR-2017-0036
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The manuscript AHR-2017-0036 entitled " Multiple-scale habitat modeling to predict the distribution of Southern Crested Newt (Triturus karelinii) over Iran " was submitted to Asian Herpetological Research on 6 May, 2017.
In the process of peer review, the anonymous reviewer pointed out that this article maybe with academic misconduct.
Then, AHR editorial staff carried out a thorough investigate on this article. After consulting with the members of the AHR Editorial Board and contacting with authors, we have strong reason to believe that this article is high plagiarism and data irregularities.
Finally, we decided to reject the article in accordance with the AHR Academic integrity statement (http://www.ahr-journal.com/en/docs/Announcement/details.aspx?documentid=3). All the signature authors in this article will be added in the blacklist and refused on subsequent submissions to AHR.
All authors should conform to Policy on Academic Misconduct . If you have any concerns about potential misconduct, please email the journal directly (AHR@cib.ac.cn).