Jiandong YANG,Jiaojiao YU,Jiabin LIU,et al.Three New Ranidae Mitogenomes and the Evolution of Mitochondrial Gene Rearrangements among Ranidae Species[J].Asian Herpetological Research(AHR),2018,9(2):85-98.[doi:10.16373/j.cnki.ahr.170084]
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Three New Ranidae Mitogenomes and the Evolution of Mitochondrial Gene Rearrangements among Ranidae Species
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Asian Herpetological Research[ISSN:2095-0357/CN:51-1735/Q]

2018 VoI.9 No.2
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Three New Ranidae Mitogenomes and the Evolution of Mitochondrial Gene Rearrangements among Ranidae Species
Jiandong YANG1#* Jiaojiao YU1# Jiabin LIU2 Ming ZHOU1 Biao LI1 and Bo OUYANG1
1 College of Animal Science and Technology, Sichuan Agricultural University, Chengdu 611130, Sichuan, China
2 Sichuan Key Laboratory of Conservation Biology for Endangered Wildlife, Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, Chengdu 610081, Sichuan, China
mitochondrial genomes gene rearrangement molecular phylogeny Ranidae
Various types of gene rearrangements have been discovered in the mitogenoes of the frog family Ranidae. In this study, we determined the complete mitogenome sequence of three Rana frogs. By combining the available mitogenomic data sets from GenBank, we evaluated the phylogenetic relationships of Ranidae at the mitogenome level and analyzed mitogenome rearrangement cases within Ranidae. The three frogs shared an identical mitogenome organization that was extremely similar to the typical Neobatrachian-type arrangement. Except for the genus Babina, the monophyly of each genus was well supported. The genus Amnirana occupied the most basal position among the Ranidae. The [Lithobates + Rana] was the closest sister group of Odorrana. The diversity of mitochondrial gene arrangements in ranid species was unexpectedly high, with 47 mitogenomes from 40 ranids being classified into 10 different gene rearrangement types. Some taxa owned their unique gene rearrangement characteristics, which had significant implication for their phylogeny analysis. All rearrangement events discovered in the Ranidae mitogenomes can be explained by the duplication and random loss model.


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