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  Asian Herpetological Research (AHR), an international English language journal, is published quarterly by the Chengdu Institute of Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CIB), and the Science Press of China, cooperated with the Asiatic Herpetological Research Society (AHRS), with its registered numbers:CN 51-1735/Q and ISSN 2095-0357. The scope of the journal includes all contemporary herpetological research areas including taxonomy, fauna, morphology, phylogeny, systematics, evolution, zoogeography, physiology, ecology, toxicology and conservation biology of amphibians and reptiles. 
  AHR aims to provide a forum for herpetologists and related scientists interested in conducting international academic exchanges and joint studies, and a platform for introducing their newly made scientific and technological data, and publishing their research results and achievements in the world, but focusing on the Asian-Pacific Region. 
   The principal criteria of AHR for acceptance of articles for publication are the quality and significance of the research, breadth of interest of the work to the readership, and the clarity and effectiveness of communication. AHR welcomes submission of manuscripts from authors in all countries of the world, though with a focus on the herpetological studies in the Asian and Pacific Region, including major articles, shorter communications and review articles.